Friday, March 24, 2023

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Too Much Badness Says I-wayne

I Wayne

One of the ways a society can control norms and people’s general behavior is through censorship. Just look at the fundamental reason parents refrain from swearing in front of their young children. The same should be the same for controlling the content that is broadcast on both television and radio. In this day and age it would be viewed as radical if let’s say the Jamaican government were to ban certain music content that is aired for a period. If it’s not the gangster rhetoric from artists like I-Octane, Alkaline or Chronic Law, it may be the visuals in some videos. The stance would be met with resistance but in the long run the implications could go a long way in resolving some of the violence and uncouth social habits crippling the island.

In the year 2006 the Zimbabwean government put a ban on all foreign music on local radio stations. Despite the fact that the decision had political motivations it did have beneficial rewards 10 years on when the ban was lifted. The stance helped boost the local music industry and is now viewed as an empowering tool for the locals.

Back to my original stance. Wouldn’t it be a far better practice to promote more uplifting music in Jamaica? The perfect example for this would be I Wayne’s latest release Too Much Badness. The track has the artist frowning upon the ‘badman culture’ and promoting consciousness. Even Jah Thunder’s, Live Di Life is another positive track that deserves a listen. More conscious reggae concerts perhaps?

I Wayne - Too Much Badness (Official Video)

Totally putting a ban on certain things is a tad bit extreme. However, striking a balance on what you promote is the point I am driving at. It will take a long time to curb crime in Jamaica but a lot of the solutions lie in people’s exposure to music and its role models. Music is a powerful tool that if managed correctly can go a long way in changing perceptions.

If you’re in the reggae mood be sure to give Too Much Badness and Live Di Life a listen.

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