Friday, March 24, 2023

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The 6ix Fire Back With Pinocchio And One Talk

Chronic Law And Squash 6ix

The 6IX – Alkaline feud rages on in Pinocchio from Squash.

Squash delivered yet another telling blow in the lyrical battle that’s been raging on in the past few weeks with Alkaline. The 6IX Boss had some in your face punch lines, adding more fodder to the fire. The track has the Vendetta faithful holding their breath for Alkaline’s reply which they believe is overdue, 5 days on.

The classic beef has escalated to fever pitch over the last 48 hrs. It has fans turning to social media making videos of them burning shirts and clips of people cussing out the other camp. Both artists have basically co-signed to the madness in reposting these videos further building up the tension.

Squash - Pinocchio (Official Audio)

Despite the madness as I called it earlier, you have to hand it to the guys. They are delivering good songs nonetheless. With the release of Pinocchio, another track that requires special mention is Chronic Law with his other diss song One Talk. The track has garnered over 350k views in 4 days but is still way off Squash’s Pinocchio with 690k in 5 days.

Chronic Law - One Talk (Official Audio)

Chronic Law, Squash and Alkaline have produced more than 10 hit songs in the past couple of weeks. The beef has brought out the best in all artists who all are at different stages in their careers. Alkaline’s experience in the game gives him an edge but you can’t overlook the talent coming out from Montego Bay.

This is textbook media publicity material. The beef will eventually pass, but at least we get to hear good music. Alkaline has another reply in him, after that it will now just become childish. With three artists fighting on the 6IX side including youngster Daddy 1, you can only knock a man so much. That said, how did all of this start anyway? Is all this necessary.

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