Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Whispa Di Minista Has a Dig At Valiant

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

whispa di minista

Whispa Di Minista who is a recognised singer/deejay and studio engineer, took some time and aired out his view towards dancehall’s young star Valiant. On an episode of Shelly Curran’s Tea Time Show. Whispa Di Minista did not hold back in castigating Valiant saying that he propelled his career and has received no recognition from the young star.

“As a real yute weh love di music naturally me always a give youths strength from me heart. However, we need to break the cycle of good people helping upcoming talents to develop their craft and as soon as likkle light shine Pon dem a lone switch up gwaan and Nuh credit is given to the people who helped them along the way. Me Nuh rate dem energy deh and me want to tell all artistes this show respect to all those who helped you on your road to stardom” Stated Whispa Di Minista.

Valiant - Mad Out (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

It is very unfortunate when things like this come up and it’s a pity Valiant was not on the show to defend his position. So, we are left thinking unfavorably towards the Motorcade and Rasta artist. Whether he has merit to the allegations is unfortunate because there is probably an underlying beef or argument between the two and its ended up with a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

Whispa Di Minista is no stranger to success having recently signed a management deal with international record label Nah Change Entertainment. In addition, he has recently released a collaboration entitled Loyalty which features Aranark.

Whispa Di Minista Loyalty. Feat Aranark (Official Music Video)

Whether Valiant will respond to Whispa’s comments is another issue but if common sense was to prevail an official apology would suffice and both parties move on. However, common sense is a rare thing in dancehall and I don’t see it happening. Another option would be not responding but I don’t see that happening as well. Brace yourself for Valiant’s response and let us see if common sense will prevail this time around.

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