Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Vybz Kartel’s Appeal Hangs in The Balance

vybz kartel's appeal hangs in the balance

Unfortunately for Gaza fans and Kartel himself, the only way he is going to leave prison is after he has served his life sentence. Or, a ‘Michael Scofield escape plan’ busts him out. It’s a grim thought, however, that may be Kartel’s reality. His attempts to appeal his conviction continually get thwarted and he looks to be running out of options. His recent attempt to submit new evidence to the British Privy Council was turned down. His legal council applied to introduce fresh evidence from an expert’s examination of his cellphone which had damning text and voice messages linking him to the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Some Gazanation fans remain optimistic as the appeal still stands, despite the fact that new evidence cannot be submitted. However, chances are slim as a successful appeal would leave the Jamaican justice system with egg on their face and would be a dangerous precedent. On the other hand, his attorney Bert Samuels, believes he has an 8/10 chance of being released when the Privy Council pass their judgement later on this year or early 2024. 

“The moment he walks out of prison is going to be similar, I hate to say this, with the release of Mandela because he is so popular worldwide. Which other artist has had the follow of Fox News in America? The most conservative television station. Whether you like it or not , he’s phenomenal,” Samuel said. 

To that that I will say, please respect yourself Berty. I am a staunch Vybz Kartel fan but comparing him to Nelson Mandela is disrespectful and wrong. Mandela was no gangster. And he was never accused of murder. In addition, in the grand scheme of things who is Fox News? What percentage of the world watches Fox anyway? Justice must be served, however, this is not the way to go about it. These comments may actually put people off Kartel if you think about it more. Lets leave Mr Mandela out of it please. 

Lets all just stick to the music for now. Vybz continues to remain relevant despite all the upsets which is something to admire from the Gaza Boss. With numerous hits this year, he continues to excel and long may that continue. Have a listen to some of his tracks which include Anything You Want Girl, Hope is a Liar and Try Love. 

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