Thursday, September 28, 2023

Vybz Kartel Gets Death Threats in Prison

Thursday, September 28, 2023


It comes as no surprise that Vybz Kartel is getting death threats from prison while he is serving his life sentence. Eleven years into his 33-year sentence Vybz Kartel is still making the headlines, only this time he is getting threats and harassment from the prison wardens. Kartel’s family and legal counsel have appealed to Tower Street prison officials about the latest allegations.

According to Urban Islandz. Fellow Gaza faithful Tommy Lee Sparta who is also serving time for illegal possession of a firearm was assaulted in prison and the same culprits seem to be threatening the Worl’Boss.

Jamaican music is going through an evolution in terms of content, and we have seen it in the past month through new policies that have been introduced. From censoring violent references and not playing into the gangster lifestyle the government is actively challenging the status quo. Unfortunately, the poster boy of Jamaican gangsters who is serving a life sentence for murder is still very relevant and has been topping the charts since his incarceration. My question is, how does the family of the deceased feel about listening to Kartel’s music daily? How do wardens view him knowing he is still making good money? And is the government really serious about dealing with murderous gangsters? I understand there are recording studio’s in prisons as a form of rehabilitation but in the case instant, should we really be hearing from Vybz? Not that I am complaining because I am a fan, but, does this play into their new policies?

Vybz Kartel - It Hard (Official Music Video)


Kartel has not missed a beat in terms of music production and still remains very relevant, having recently released singles like World’s Apart ft Spice and It Hard and dropped a 5 track album titled True Religion.

With all that said. I wish all the best for Adija(Vybz Kartel) Palmer and hope for his safety. Jamaica has a long way to go in terms of tackling the violent culture. However, how they deal with Kartel will go a long way in sending out a clear message to individuals who think it’s okay to commit heinous crimes.

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