Visually Impaired Buka Finds Purpose In Music

visually impaired buka finds purpose in music

One can never underestimate the power of music and the role it plays as an inspiration. The same can be said for visually impaired producer, Poye ‘Buka’ Robinson, who is an staunch advocate for the power music has and its role as an inspirational tool that can be used to propel people facing challenges.

“Reggae has played the greatest impact in my life. When I officially lost my sight in 2013, the music helped me to get through it. Reggae music is especially uplifting, and that’s why I love reggae so much,” Robinson told The Gleaner.

During tough times Robinson said he got comfort from listening to Dennis Brown, Glen Washington, Freddie Mcgregor and Luciano.
As a child, Robinson was diagnosed with glaucoma and gradually lost his vision.

“My eyesight started to deteriorate while attending primary school, and while several attempts were made to repair my eyes, an unfortunate incident occurred involving a schoolmate hitting me in the eye, which resulted in my living with one eye. In 2012, while in my third year at the Caribbean Maritime Institute, I lost sight in the other,” Robinson said.

He added, “Where I am at right now, I always say it is better to be born not seeing than to be born seeing and lose it. Born seeing the world and not being able to now is heartbreaking.”

32 year old Robinson completed a bachelors degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and currently has a Masters Degree. He still has the desire to succeed in the music industry producing , clean, non-violent, family friendly content. Robinson is up for the challenge of emulating people like Frankie Paul, Roy Richards and Astley ‘Grub’ Cooper through his recording label Emoji Music Genesis (EMG).

Jae Prynse’s Blessings A Flow was the first single that was released by the label, and the most recent having artists like Richie Spice, Iba Mahr, Lymie Murray, Queen Ifrica, Duane Stephenson, Ginjah, Junior Kelly and Luciano featuring on a complilation , Reggae Bliss. Reminisce Rhythm is in the pipeline for the summer with artists like Bugle, Nesbeth having already recorded.

Robinson mentions that it has been taxing on him, managing a record label with a disability and having to depend on others to get things done, but he will continue to fight on due to his love for music.

Bearing that in mind Poye ‘Buka’ Robinson is a true inspiration, not only in the music industry but in life as he has not been deterred by his disability and continues to pursue his goals at the highest level.


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