Sizzla Kalonji Still Dropping Love Songs


One thing I find fascinating is how Sizzla has been able to maintain his falsetto singing for such a long period of time. Judging from the fact that he smokes copious amounts of marijuana. His voice has not showed signs of letting him down and he is able to reach high notes without straining. This is evidenced in his latest song, I’m In Love, from Bread Back Productions.

Veteran Sizzla has had a long and illustrious career and is still able lay down love songs with his unique style. Sizzla who is usually very quiet in terms of making headlines, had his last incident last year when he had a motorcycle accident. After a stunt went wrong, Sizzla had to be hospitalized but has made a full recovery. That was not the first time Sizzla had a motorcycle accident because in 2011 he had a collision with a bus. He sustained serious injuries as well but made a full recovery.

Moving back to music. Sizzla is no stranger to making love songs as he boasts a discography of 57 studio albums. Talk about being prolific. Born Miguel Orlando Collins, Sizzla started making music in 1995 and is not letting up. Sizzla drops some emotional bars about a subject matter he is very well versed in his latest tune. People talk about how Vybz and Buju are the kings of dancehall. However, I am curious to see where Sizzla and Capleton feature. Sizzla is far more prolific and is more of a model example for the youth. Besides his homophobic rhetoric which a lot of people find distasteful. Probably the dancehall voice in the 1990s, Sizzla has found a way to evolve his music and still be relevant today.

With the Coronavirus travel restrictions, Sizzla may as well drop another album. His last work was Victory in 2019 and I’m sure he has a lot to say about the pandemic.

Sizzla Kalonji - I'm in Love [Bread Back Productions] Release 2020

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