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“sensi Trails” Just Livin!

“sensi trails” just livin!

If you’re someone who appreciates music, nine times out of ten you listen to more than one genre. Music evokes certain feelings and emotions so it goes without saying that different genres evoke different moods within individuals.

Most reggae lovers will tell you they love it because of the calming effect it has on them, or that they like the relaxing rhythm of the bass guitar and drums. Reggae from the West Indies is usually accompanied by strong patois lyrical vocals, preaching about love, freedom, emancipation and basically a better tomorrow.

Not so much on the overpowering patois vocals, like your Richie Spice or your Jah Cure, but still with a well articulated relevant message, a reggae band from San Diego is able to encapsulate the true essence of reggae music. One of their latest songs ‘Just Livin’ takes you on a music trip, that almost makes you feel like you’re in Ocean Beach, San Diego, hanging out with surfer dudes. Not that I have been there or anything and know what I am talking about, but the song has a distinct airy reggae feel making it unique. The track features Kbong a multi-instrument artist, with Kyle Rising also providing vocals and the guitar, Kaya Hall on bass, and Jordan Starke on drums making up the band.

Sensi Trails - Just Livin' ft. KBong (Official Music Video)

Sensi Trails are still on the rise with their debut EP ‘Prohibition’ released in 2017. So reggae newbies who want to listen to “reggae 101” this band is definitely for you. For the stalwart reggae fans, give them a chance as they have an authentic sound which can put you in “that place”, with a simple message that is easier to grasp than the sometimes difficult patois. Taking nothing away from patois from the West Indies.

Check out their other song ‘Dirty Couch’ on ‘Prohibition’ released in March 2017

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