Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sam Smith Teams Up with Koffee and Jessie Reyez

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

sam smith teams up with koffee and jessie reyez

English singer and songwriter, Sam Smith recently dropped a raunchy Dancehall/Pop track last Friday the 13th, 2023, and the music video has attracted Jamaican attention. Titled Gimmie, the track features Canadian Jessie Reyez and Jamaican starlet Koffee. The video has drawn scrutiny not for its sexually explicit nature but for the fact that it encompasses the LGBTQ community. Set in a gay bar the video has Sam Smith showing off his posterior in a skimpy outfit partying alongside Jessie Reyez and Koffee. Described as ‘filth’ by Sam Smith, the track is about embracing your sexuality, compounded by him saying,

“I’m a sexual person, I like sex. It’s something I’m teaching myself to not be ashamed of. Me and Jessie were basically drunk, drinking whisky in Jamaica, two in the morning, running around absolutely wasted, like two girlfriends having a laugh.”

Pockets of the Jamaican community have now come out castigating their own with numerous allegations of selling out and being unrastafari. Koffee’s sexuality has never been an issue and I think that it’s been purposefully avoided. The video sees the artist not really doing anything but have a good time. So what’s the problem? She was seen in the company of gay people? We all know Sam Smith is gay so the video was bound to include the homosexual nuance along with the dancehall theme.

Sam Smith, Koffee, Jessie Reyez - Gimme

The thing on everyone’s mind is, Is Koffee gay? And right now I can honestly say I don’t know. But if I was to guess I would sway to the affirmative side. That said, what does it matter? Koffee is a talented artist and is currently trendsetting in the dancehall space, reaching unparalleled levels. So does it matter if she is gay or not?

Musically speaking, Gimmie is actually a good song. With a captivating chorus from Jessie Reyez and the Koffee verse, the track kicks ass. Kudos to Sam Smith! The track features on his upcoming album Gloria due 27 Jan 2023 via Capitol Records.

Lets hope the homophobic sentiments dissipate and Koffee can continue to do what she does best undeterred.

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