Tuesday, September 26, 2023

No More Music From Vybz Kartel Due To Coronavirus

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

no more music from vybz kartel due to coronavirus

The Covoid-19 Coronavirus has really turned the world upside down. It has affected nearly all facets of life and there seems to be no end in sight. New cases keep cropping up all over the world. Countries are still coming up with methods to stem the spread of it, while also trying to track its spreading.

Some businesses have been temporarily closed and the financial markets have also been hit hard due to a lack of confidence. Sport has also been affected as games all over the world have been stopped in a measure to curb the spreading of the virus.

The music business has not been spared as you can imagine how many concerts and tours have been postponed. In a previous article I spoke about a new song from Sizzla, Corona Virus, which was intended to be an awareness and educational song about the virus and how to protect oneself. Sizzla urged other artists to make music in the same vein to continue to educate people about the virus and how to not only protect yourself but others too. One person I assume who will not be able to to that is dancehall’s Worl’Boss Vybz Kartel.

In an effort to protect the inmates of its prisons. The Department of Correctional Services has restricted visitation to the islands facilities. In essence this should prohibit the production of music from Vybz. If you thought Kartel has not been recording music since his incarceration then you are sadly mistaken.

However, when it comes to Kartel anything is possible. Due to his significant influence who knows, there could always be an exception to the rule.

The visitation restriction is another health and safety measure and unfortunately we may not be hearing from Kartel. But, that’s only for fresh music, knowing him he has pre-recorded tracks up to Wazoo.

The Coronavirus continues to plague us. Stay safe and always be mindful of the safety precautions out there.

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