Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Kabaka Pyramid Puts Things Into Perspective In Babylon Falling

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

kabaka pyramid puts things into perspective in babylon falling

Kingston’s Kabaka Pyramid stamped his mark on the reggae scene with tracks like Reggae Music, Quarantine and Natural Woman and continues to rise up the ranks. His latest work Babylon Falling sheds light on what is currently happening globally on the conscious tip.

True reggae lovers can all attest to the depth of Richie Spice’s classic album Gideon Boot in 2008 and if memory serves me correct the opening track was entitled Babylon Falling. It’s a recurring theme which showcases the plight of man as we continue to be disillusioned by what’s happening in our world. In the case instant. We can conclude that Kabaka is highlighting the social injustices happening. Just take a look at the black lives matter movement. In addition, there is the COVID-19 pandemic which has made life difficult. The world has also witnessed a rise in fires all over the world and other natural disasters like floods and famines which are resultant from global warming.

Kabaka Pyramid - Babylon Fallin [Official Visual]

Kabaka sings about rising above all this after all is said and done.


That’s when… you’re fallin’ down

Me say you’re not gonna live fi see the mornin’ come

Your wicked empire, me a chant it down

Cah you follow Lucifer, the fallen son

With him flattering lips and him charming tongue

The most-high blessing, and you call it dung

Cah the people a suffer like dog

When the weeping and the moaning, and bawling done

You a go get stun

The track was produced by Island Wav for One Time Music and Bebble Rock Music. It is definitely worth your time as Kabaka continues to prove himself. Kabaka Pyramid is the next generation of reggae artist and he has proven himself behind the scenes with notable productions. Other reggae tracks to look out for include Protojé’s Same So and Romain Virgo’s Hero. You may as well have a listen to Richie Spice’s Babylon Falling for a better understanding of the times as well.

Richie Spice--Babylon Falling

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