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Kabaka Pyramid Prefers Natural Beauty

kabaka pyramid prefers natural beauty


This one if for the ladies.

Kabaka Pyramid delivered a profound message in his song ‘Natural Woman’ featured on his 2018 album Kontraband. The official video was released on Youtube  a few days ago and  has over 43k views . The video celebrates femininity and the non-adulterated female body.

He encourages the ‘African’ woman to feel confident in their own skin. And to appreciate their God given features. This modern society has black women going to great lengths  to change their appearance. Be it, skin lightening procedures or weaving in synthetic fibres as hair for the European or Asian look.

So Basically. When selling the look, authenticity and originality is crucial. So, instead of weaving in these fibres as hair, using real hair would make it more believable. Not only is there big business in synthetics, there are also interesting economic implications in the supply and demand of real hair. Brazilian women’s hair for example, is traded all over the world so black women can enjoy the benefits of having long straight hair like other ethnicities.

Kabaka sings;

“Natural woman, you are a sight to behold
Beautiful inna whatever colour skin you got
You nah fi bleach out everything you got
And be everything you’re not
Natural woman, you are a sight to behold
Glorious inna the hair weh you born with
You nah fi cream that nor put on wig”

He does also speak about other issues like silicone breast enhancing and urges women to be true to themselves. And not, ‘lose their soul’ to the world.

The message does make sense, because you do not see any other race trying to be more “African”, except the instance of a sun tan. But that surely doesn’t count.

On the other hand the argument is, the thriving cosmetic industry is there for a reason. The hair and skin products do give women their confidence to walk out into the world. We are all motivated by different things and Kabaka’s preference is his own. Nothing really wrong with breast implants or hair weaves. And, so what?  If women want to look lighter than they are, whats the big deal? Besides the side effects.

Either way I get you Kabaka Pyramid. Nothing better than natural beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though and it doesn’t necessarily have to be natural.

Kabaka Pyramid - Natural Woman (Official Video)


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