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Is Cecile Discriminating Against Black Guys

is cecile discriminating against black guys

43 year old Cecile Claudine Charlton, better known as Ce’cile is a veteran female dancehall musician. She got her big break in 2001 on Sean Paul‘s Dutty Rock album featuring on ‘Can You Do the Work‘. Her first album came in 2008, Bad Gyal, and was produced by Kingstone Records. She has had a mildly successful music career with hit songs such as ‘Hot Like We’, ‘Rise Up’ , ‘I’m Waiting’ and has produced 7 studio albums.

Sean Paul Feat. Ce'Cile - Can You Do The Work

Ce’cile is no stranger to controversy in her past relationships and this time she makes the headlines for making a crude statement regarding race. She came out on social media declaring her single status and alluded to the fact that she was strictly looking for a caucasian. She tweeted on Boxing Day saying that,

“I need a man fast! When I don’t have d#$k in my life I do sugar! As much as man not good for me sugar is worst!.” She went on to elaborate after numerous guys slid into her dm’s saying, “To all y’all messaging me! Sorry, I only date Caucasians!!! It’s #2020.”

On face value this seems like a harmless tweet that has a tinge of controversy but there is something that seems to be off about it. The cryptic tweet I feel needs more clarity with an explanation. Why exactly is she only opting for caucasians? Is she tired of black guys? Is there something wrong with black guys? Or is it on her bucket list to date a caucasian? So many questions.

Is the lack of d#$k getting to her or something? To be fair Ce’Cile still has it going for her so it shouldn’t be a problem snagging a man. Ce’Cile, who is Christopher Martin’s baby mom just came out of some form of relationship with Unruly Boss Popcaan but we are not yet sure what the terms of their union was seeing as Popcaan is said to have been dating Kavell Keir for the past 4 years now.

Ce’Cile sounds a tad bit desperate, but hey, too much sugar is not good for her. If you’re a single white male looking for a cougar dancehall queen look no further.

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