Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Find of The Week: Hollie Cook’s Happy Hour In Dub

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

hollie cook - happy hour in dub


Hollie Cook features as this week’s Find Of The Week. Hollie is an English singer and keyboardist formerly part of an all-female punk/reggae band called the Slits. With a burgeoning solo career, Hollie has established herself as a tropical pop artist. With four studio albums to her name, her last being Happy Hour in 2022, Hollie Cook is back with another production titled Happy Hour In Dub.

The album was produced and released by Merge Records and features Jah9, Josh Skints, and Kiko Bun. Thriving in what was a previously male-dominated industry Hollie Cook seems to be holding her own very well. Based in West London, Hollie Cook produced a classy nine-track album worth any reggae purists time.

Hollie Cook - Kush Dub (feat. Josh Skints & Jah9) (Official Audio)


“The reason and inspiration for wanting to make the dub record is because Happy Hour, in its original form, has so many intricate musical details running throughout the songs—from the backing vocal and string arrangements to some far more subtle details. And during the mixing process, hearing some of these parts on their own over the drum and bass foundation, we felt there was so much left to explore and expose in the songs and take them to outer space.” Concluded Hollie.

She clearly knows what she is doing and it’s probably worth your time to delve into both albums. Give Miss Hollie Brooks your time and get lost in the dub.



  1. Hollie Cook – Praying Dub
  2. Hollie Cook – Dub My Way
  3. Hollie Cook – Dub In The Dark
  4. Hollie Cook & Rosie Turton – Golden Dub
  5. Hollie Cook – Unkind Dub
  6. Hollie Cook, Josh Skints & Jah9- Kush Dub
  7. Hollie Cook – Full Moon Dub
  8. Hollie Cook & Kiko Bun – Dubbing On
  9. Hollie Cook – Happy Dub



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