Monday, December 4, 2023

Find Of The Week: Elijah Ogann Delivers Woyoyoyoyo

elijah ogann 2

This week’s find of the week delves into the world of Afrobeats. Introducing a multi-talented Nigerian creative Elijah Ogann. Still in the infancy of his musical career as an independent artist, on his third single release. Elijah Ogann is also an international model, actor, and writer with strong ties to London. Elijah envisions a future where music and filmmaking harmonize, elevating African artistry worldwide.

On the musical front, steer your attention to his latest track titled Woyoyoyoyo. Woyoyoyoyo which simply means an exclamation for something mind-blowing is a musical fusion of Afrobeats and reggae making for a soothing summer jam.

Whether the track will trend is now just a matter of time, but judging from first impressions it should put Elijah in good stead. With other releases, Elijah‚Äôs acting and modeling career should help place him in terms of capturing a niche market and the music should do the talking after. Elijah is well poised to succeed and we at wish him all the success. Join his sonic journey with ‘Woyoyoyoyo,’ and celebrate the spirit of African music.

Woyoyoyoyo - Elijah Ogann

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