Dutty Money Riddim: Rvssian Unveils Artistic Inspiration


Renowned dancehall super producer Rvssian is shedding light on the inspiration behind the artwork for his latest project, the much-talked-about “Dutty Money Riddim.” The beat, a derivative of the iconic “Go Go Club Riddim” from 2009, gained widespread attention online after its release in December 2023. The commercial version, available on Apple Music, showcases various modern dancehall artists releasing singles.

Among the notable tracks are Najeeriii’s “Phat Phat,” Malie Don and The 9ine’s collaboration “Muss Shot,” and Rajah Wild’s standout entry with “Gogo,” arguably the project’s biggest hit. Valiant and Kraff Gad also contributed with their tracks “Bubble Gum” and “Nursery Rhymes,” respectively.

The media frenzy surrounding the project escalated after Rvssian’s appearance on the Let’s Be Honest Podcast with Jaii Frais, where his candid answers sparked controversy and potential beef with industry players. Despite the drama, Rvssian is redirecting attention to the project by delving into the creative process behind its title and album cover.

In a social media video, Rvssian explained that he named the project “Dutty Money Riddim” due to the associated energy with “dutty money.” Additionally, he disclosed that the album cover was inspired by a series of heists targeting a prominent ATM Management company in Jamaica responsible for cash transportation to and from financial institutions. The truck depicted on the cover was the Beryllium truck involved in these heists.

Rvssian’s revelation adds a layer of depth and relevance to the album title and cover, connecting them to real-world events in Jamaica. Prior to this clarification, fans may have overlooked the significance and creativity behind “Dutty Money Riddim.” The project also boasts collaborations with Govana, Jada Kingdom, Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, Topmann, Bayka, Brysco, Nigy Boy, and more, contributing to its ongoing impact and success.


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