Bring Back The Days Say Luciano And Capleton

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Old timers Capleton and Luciano teamed up once more and rolled back the years in their latest single Bring Back The Days. In what would suffice as a 90s throwback the track has that old-school feel courtesy of J Platinum Productions & JJ Baker / Golden Quest Empire. The track features on Flawless Riddim along with Merciless and Shantell with Breaking Up Is Not For Us. Jah Thunder in Me Love Me Woman and Kongquez Golden singing Blessed Child.

Capleton also known as King Shango features in the simple video alongside The Messenjah (Luciano) as they sing about their good old days when life seemed to be much simpler. My only question is what has really changed for them to plea for the good ol’ days? Did people really live and rise in the neighborhood? Living as one?

Capleton & Luciano Bring Back The Days Official Video HD

Looking at both Luciano and Capleton in the video puts things in perspective as to how much they have aged. I couldn’t possibility understand their time as a Generation Y baby. At 55, Luciano grew up post Jamaican Independence in Davyton, Manchester Parish. He brags 21 studio albums, a feat not many of his contemporaries can muster. His close friend Capleton trumps him on albums with 23 at the age of 52. So combined, the pair have accomplished a lot in the reggae genre and should not be taken for granted. Their contribution in the last few decades has been immense. So when they sing bring back the old days we need to pause take a step back and really consider what they are talking about.

Its pleasing to know that they are still making quality music. Its up to us to learn from them to possibly bring back those good ol’ days. A toast to the old timers and we look forward to another decade of quality conscious vibes.


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