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Julian Marley Cooling In Jamaica

Julien Marley

It was always going to be a tall order to live up to Bob Marley’s musical achievements. To be fair his sons have done rather well in keeping his legacy alive. One could argue that their combined achievements have surpassed his achievements. Damien, Ziggy, Stephen, Kymani and Julian all have made good inroads in both the reggae and dancehall genres. They all have their unique sound which is similar to their dads, probably because of the genetically similar vocal sound.

In light of the fact that it is a Sunday today I will focus my attention on Julian. Julian’s music has that Sunday feel as it is the kind of music you would really appreciate on a day you want to chill. Julian is not as prolific as his brothers in producing music but he does have his gems here and there. The Grammy Award Nominee has had a steady musical career which began in 1993. Together with his brothers they formed the group ‘Ghetto Youths Crew’ and toured the United States for 3 years to 1996. This put them on peoples’ radar and they all seemed to kick on from that exposure.

Julian affectionately known as Ju-Ju released his first album in 1996 entitled ‘Lion in The Morning’. He kicked on and has produced 3 more albums namely, ‘A Time & Place’ (2003), ‘Awake’ (2009) and ‘As I Am’ (2019).

Julian Marley - Cooling in Jamaica (Official Video)

His latest video ‘Cooling in Jamaica’ comes off “As I Am”. The reggae tune is the perfect Sunday jam and has Julian talking about cooling in Jamaica on white warm sands after a long week. Sipping on some juice and getting a sun tan. He also goes on describing himself as an African even though he was born in England.

The reggae fraternity appreciates all that is being done by Marley’s sons and I am sure he (Bob) will be proud. They have remained humble and continue to do philanthropic work just as their father did. Julian shines in his latest album and it is worth your time, especially if you need to just chill out.