Friday, March 24, 2023

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Dovey Magnum Delivers Female Shella

Dovey Magnum

Dovey Magnum just dropped her latest single Female Shella produced by Track Starr.

In a male dominated industry it is so easy to overlook the female artists making waves. Most attention has been on the 6IX Crew beef with Alkaline and all the other nonsensical comments from Foota Hype.

This time Dovey Magnum delivers another hard hitting track which will certainly get you going.

Dovey Magnum - Female Shella (Official Audio)

Dovey appeared on New York’s The Breakfast Club several days’ back. She opened up about her career and style referencing examples of what makes her tick. The raunchy singer controversially alluded to the fact that she prefers hooking up with men who are in relationships. Dovey joked about it implying it was a major turn on, and that the men would’ve already been vetted.

The free spirited artist made reggae artist Naomi Cowan look like such an angel in the joint interview. She went on speaking about ‘p***y juju’ and how her p***y was basically the best thing on earth. Dovey did get real and open up about her 16 year old son suffering from a rare auto immune disease.

Dovey is highly motivated and expect to hear a few more raunchy tracks in the near future. The Atlanta based artist is still enjoying success from her break out track from 2017, Bawl Out. With a difficult come up story she alluded to in the interview. Dovey feels she has paid her dues to the game and this was the time to collect. Living the single parent life, Dovey is highly motivated to do well by her ill son and also making a significant mark in the industry.

Dovey Magnum - Bawl Out (Raw) (Official Video)

Dovey made mention to how the female artists do not do each other favours in their careers. She remarked at how the industry makes them compete with each other to a point where it becomes counter-productive. Let’s see how she fairs in this male dominated industry and if she has the staying power of other female stars like Spice and Shenseea.

Dovey Magnum & Naomi Cowan Shine Light On Reggae And Dancehall, Sex And Spirituality

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