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Damien Marley Makes A Stand In Hawaii

Damian Marley

A lot of artists make poignant music meant to raise awareness for certain injustices in the world. This conscious music is usually well received by the world and has artists sell out concerts and garner records sales. As the music gains traction the relevant conversation is started. People then start to ask questions in relation to the subject matter. This is probably why Bob Marley and Michael Jackson became so popular as they kept asking the pertinent questions.

Unfortunately most of the time the music raises the questions and that is it.

Damien Marley has taken it a step further, and is taking a stand by joining the Thirty Meter Telescope Project protest on the island of Hawaii. Damien joined the Big Island’s locals in protesting an invasive project standing to “Protect Mauna Kea”. He made a cameo performance of some of his songs at the base of Mauna Kea. He also performed few of his father’s songs for the locals, expressing his support for their cause.

Mauna Kea is believed to be the tallest mountain in the world from base to peak. However, its sacred existence is under threat due to state plans to construct a $1.4 billion telescope at the peak.

Protecting Mauna Kea, Day 15 Aloha Damian Marley

In a similar situation closer to home for Damien. There are similar protests for the protection of Cockpit Country in Jamaica. Bounty Killer has been extremely vocal and has expressed his disappointment in his governments’ efforts to expand operations in bauxite mining there. The bauxite mining would remove forests, impede and pollute waterways and would have adverse agricultural effects in the area.

Bounty Killer is not the only artist to make a stand and challenge authorities. Other artists have expressed their dismay including Spragga Benz and Queen Ifrica.

Musicians need to realise they wield a lot of power as they have a following behind their music. Once they step forward in challenging governments with such acts it goes a long way. We need more of these acts in other facets of life to improve peoples standards of living. Kudos to you Damien and Bounty, the world needs more artists to exercise their influence and not just sing about these pertinent issues.

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