Saturday, May 27, 2023

Wayne Scott Makes Us All Fall In Love

Wayne Scott

If you ask the question what do people love the most about Jamaica? Nine times out of ten it starts with the culture. The music and the vibe of the people. Well let me introduce an artist that stays in that vibe. Constantly working perfecting his skills every opportunity he gets. He practices how to be better and how to create loving and happy vibes for his peoples and his fans. His name is Wayne Scott. and he is always writing and always growing. All he asks we live in love and grow together. And with that magnetic energy Wayne is making his way in the entertainment circuit.

Born in Clarendon, Wayne grew up singing in the church choir and in school. He is a lover of old school and motown hits which were constantly played in his home. Wayne grew up in the era of cover versions that were hits. He is a big fan of Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Dennis Brown and even Bob Marley. He is also quick to point out he is a big fan of Player, Smokey Robinson, Temptations, BeeGees and many more. Once the music hits he listens. He is just a fan of music and life.
Wayne Scott is an artist who is ready to show what the world is missing. We need to get back to making music with substance. So with his new single out now titled “FALLIN IN LOVE” which is a cover version. The original is done by “Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds”. First let’s highlight this was a popular song back in the seventies. Wayne coined this song like he owned it. He did a great job of coining his signature sound. It’s a well done production from start to finish. The harmonies are tight and it’s clearly reminiscent of hits made in the nineties and late eighties.

Please continue to support Wayne Scott on his musical journey and support one of the best tracks out now that really can be played just about in any setting and venue.




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