Dorothy Smith, born 22 November 1972 in Kingston Jamaica is a dancehall, ragga, and reggae artist who began as a female dancehall deejay in the late 1980s where she used the stage name Lady Patra. In 1994, Patra featured as a singer on the Shabba Ranks song, “Family Affair”, which hit No. 84 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was a first made an impression on the US charts and big breakthrough in her career. Her other songs which made the world to go in a frenzy were “Worker Man” The song became a bigger hit, reaching number 53 on the Hot 100 as well as the Top 20 on the R&B chart. It was number 1 on the U.S. Dance chart. The album’s third and final single, “Romantic Call” was the cherry on top of the cake as Patra gave confidence and influenced many females to become free and fully expressive in their sexual capacity. Her dance moves were nothing short of dazzling and captivating. Her music continued and some songs made it to the charts further between 1995 and 2003. Patra decided to take a break and concentrate on her spiritual side with God and focused on completing her Bachelor’s degree in history and political science. After her return to the music scene in 2012, she recorded yet another album which was her fifth album with 12 tracks. She has still progressed doing more work to add onto to her career.