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A Closer Look At Chessboxin Riddim

Chessboxin Riddim

If there is a silver lining to this pandemic is the fact that we all can spend some quality time at home with our loved ones. I am sure people are getting to do things they never had a chance to do before when they had to clock in and out of work. On the top of people’s lists is gardening, diy home improvements and reading. One of the past times for most is listening to music and I will try and guide you to riddims which you may have overlooked and need a second listen.

I will start with something uplifting for the reggae lovers. Chessboxin Riddim features oldskul reggae artists including Lutan Fyah, Sizzla, Pressure Busspipe and Sacryfyce.

The best way to listen to a riddim is to listen to all the tracks in one go, best in the form of a mix. Dj Lass Angel Vibes is well known for creating dope mixes and he doesn’t let us down for Chessboxing. The mix below follows the following format for listening purposes.

Chessboxin Riddim (Official Mix) Feat. Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Pressure Busspipe (March 2020)

  1. Lutan Fyah – It’s A Party
  2. Sizzla – Free Up
  3. Kaibanon – Fade Away
  4. Kristine Alicia – Love Liberation
  5. Pressure Busspipe – We Can’t Stop
  6. Sacryfyce – They Don’t Really Care
  7. Lutan Fyah – It’s A Party
  8. Thriller U – Pothole
  9. Kristine Alicia & Tasha T – Love Liberation
  10. Fyah & Titus – Chessboxin Riddim Instrumental 2020 Promomix By DJLass Angel Vibes

The riddim touches on important social issues with Sizzla pointing out injustices and once again advocating for the use of marijuana. The riddim preaches relevant messages during this coronavirus pandemic and there are plenty lessons to take.

If you’re into roots reggae fan this riddim is definitely for you. The easy going rhythm will take you on a conscious trip. Give DJ Lass 16 minutes of your time and I am sure you will pull it and play it twice.


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