Happy Friday Riddim (Tcheck La Zik Vol7) – Dj Kaprisson

Happy Friday Riddim (Tcheck La Zik Vol7) produced by Dj Kaprisson, Idéal Songs and Intertenpub 2024


  1. Kaprisson Aka Schumy – Tsunami Musical
  2. Guy’Al Mc – A Chaque Fois
  3. Dawee – Friennemy
  4. Neg Lyrical – Crs
  5. Gallos – Big Up
  6. Djo Black – 10 Paret
  7. Kaf Malbar – No Killing
  8. Layonson – Hostile
  9. 8man – Mon Avis
  10. Cless Shine – Bad Riddim
  11. Warner B Ft. Mali – Yonn Bizwen Lot’
  12. Straika – James Bond Gyal
  13. Kama Shango – A 100%
  14. Skunky Trigga – La Ref
  15. Luchko – Konba Lejitim
  16. Jahmayzs – Good Food
  17. Lawouj – Nou Pa Pè Sa
  18. Mc Janik – Bon Liv’ Ka Li
  19. Tiwony – Cyan Full Wi
  20.  Dj Kaprisson – Happy Friday Riddim



happy friday riddim -tcheck la zik vol7

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