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Name – Stories Riddim
Description – Reggae
Rating -****(4/5 stars)
Released date – 24 May 2019
Label – New League Music

(1) Gyptian – Run Away (2) Chris Martin – Outta This World (3) Busy Signal – Eye Pon Mi (4) Javada – Life Lessons, D Major – Never Change, Michaelius Phipps – Stories Riddim Instrumental 2019

Without further ado, with a similar straight to the point attitude I will delve straight into the riddim. Stories Riddim is one of those typical reggae rhythms, that is carried by the lyrical content from the said artists. The name of it sets the tone, gearing you to pay attention to the lyrics more intently. It scores a powerful 4 stars despite not having any female artists subscribed to it.

With the year Busy Signal is having, he cannot seem to put a foot wrong at the moment. He features with ‘Eye Pon Mi’, where he wonders about finding true love, something that resonates with a lot of men in the dating game. He sings,

” I ask you if you love me, you don’t make a sound. But you smile when you see the US and the pound….. cause you have one eye pon me, and one eye pon me pocket.”

Chris Martin does justice to the riddim with ‘Outta This World’. In classic Chris Martin style. He sells dreams in typical story telling fashion while showcasing his strong singing abilities.

Moving away from relationship issues touched on by Busy, and Chris, Javada and D Major keep it real with real societal issues where Javada delivers ‘Life Lessons’ while the latter raps about real warriors never changing.

Talking about real issues Gyptian has the top pick in the selection with ‘Run Away’. Gyptian has taken a lot of flack in the last few months, from being criticised for his fashion sense and being called a sellout for dating a caucasian woman. He keeps it one hundred in ‘Run Away’ where he speaks about societal injustices and how people are forced to run away. The ‘Hold Ya’ artist has still got it and I hope he continues to make jams like this.

Stories Riddim Mix (Full) Feat. Busy Signal, Christopher Martin, Gyptian (May 2019)