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Shenseea Receives Backlash For Side Chick Song

Shenseea The Sidechick Song

Following the release of her latest single Side Chick Song. Shenseea has received backlash from her feminist fans about the subject matter. The feminists could not be pro a song which seemed to legitimise the concept of a side chick. Despite the fact that it is a sad reality, Shenseea’s song didn’t do women any favours in correctly dealing with the issue. In the video Shenseea played the part of a side chick and had solace in the fact that she was happy and appreciated being taken care of. On the other hand, ignorance was bliss for the significant other being the wife.

Shenseea has come out defending herself saying the song did not promote cheating. According to her, its purpose was to shed light on the side chicks perspective.

Her nemesis in the industry Jada Kingdom has come out and had a dig at her. The Banana star recently posted a sultry picture of herself on Instagram and left a caption which read,

“Bitches be excited af to be a side piece. lmfao ok coleslaw!”

Following this a back and forth on social media ensued as Shenseea hit back at the Heavy deejay questioning her relevance. Shenseea continued to explain that people were reading too much into the song as men have been doing this for a long period of time. Women should be mad at men for this instead she insisted.

On a real note though such songs do not help anybody. Well yes, they sell records and fill up concerts but unfortunately don’t really add social value. As some fans said it perpetuates the act. If Shenseea provided solutions to the problem then that would have been a different conversation altogether. However, if you’re looking for feminist moral and social guidelines dancehall is not the place to look for it. Female dancehall to be fair is not at that stage yet.

Shenseea - The Sidechick Song (Official Music Video)

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