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Trema 1

Being the first to discover something comes with a profound feeling of satisfaction. I found it fascinating when white colonialists came across natural wonders in Africa like the Victoria Falls in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, and then would claim to have discovered them. Like there was no one living there?

But I think I now kind of understand how those chaps felt. Not exactly the same in discovering a “new” music talent per se, but finding music where a lot of people are not acquainted with. I am not going to be a David Livingstone and claim, but there is a dancehall artist on the radar who is producing some fresh music that needs to be heard.

He goes by the name Trema and has a few songs on the internet that are floating around doing their rounds. The first that grabbed my attention is called ‘Owna Tings’ released a few weeks back. He raps about how women should take control of their life and basically take ownership, advocating for independent entrepreneurship. The message is directed at women but it holds the same for men as well. The riddim was done by Scrappy Dha Rydhim God.

The track was mixed and mastered by Muss Buss Production along with another track called ‘Dollars’. ‘Dollars’ is your hustling track where he raps about getting with the grind of everyday life and making that paper. It features on Fully Awake Riddim.

It could just be a matter of time till he blows up into a relevant dancehall star. We look forward to hear more tracks as I think this chap is onto something. Not my discovery but hear it first from me. A hot prospect for the future.

All that’s left is getting signed onto a record company that will put him on the map as strategic partnerships is crucial in this business.

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