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Emerging Reggae Artist Mortimer ‘marleyesque.

emerging reggae artist mortimer ‘marleyesque’.

Mortimer McPherson is a rising reggae artist from Jamaica, and grew up in St Elizabeth, Kingston. With aspirations of engineering and service Mortimer shifted his focus, turning to a career in music. With a captivating voice and strong reggae roots sound, he has made solid in roads on the reggae scene and is producing noteworthy music.

His latest piece of work is called ‘Lightning’ and it comes months after his last release ‘Careful’ in 2018. ‘Lighting’ is a beautiful reggae love song that hits all the right notes eloquently delivered with his unique ‘Bob Marleyesque’ sound.

Mortimer - Lightning (Official Audio)

The general trend when someone excels in a particular field of expertise, be it in sport or music, is that people try to compare them to someone else. After scrutiny a semi biased opinion is given based on set variables. For example, football players may be judged according to goals per minute ratios or rate of assists. Very much like reviewing fantasy football statistics after a matchday.

This same logic doesn’t hold when it comes to music. You can obviously compare record sales and levels of popularity, but this doesn’t give you a real picture of the quality of work being produced.

When using terms like ‘Marleyesque’ it does not necessarily mean his music is as good as Bob Marley, only that it is similar. The style of music is similar but Mortimer has his own unique attributes that make his music what it is. Let us not be quick to compare him to others just yet. As you here people now compare him to Protogé, Kabaka Pyramid and Bob Marley.

Let’s give Mortimer credit for his voice and unique sound and we look forward to its evolution without having to always have him compared to other artists.

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