Sunday, March 26, 2023

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Day Rave With Vybz Kartel

Sikka Rymes And Vybz Kartel 2


The visuals for Vybz Kartel’s ‘Day Rave’ have just been released. In true Vybz Kartel fashion the video is as raunchy as they come, with Sikka Rhymes playing the Kartel role surrounded by scantily dressed broads. Is this going to be the standard in the future with Vybz Kartel living vicariously through Rhymes in his music videos.

Vybz Kartel - Day Rave (Official Video)

The long wait for Vybz Kartel’s appeal continues with rumors circulating that the courts are close to a decision. What are the implications in terms of music content from Di Teacher. One would assume Vybz has been motivated to make constant hits with the hope that he may be a free man in the foreseeable future. In slightly different circumstances you can draw an example where NBA star Kobe Bryant played some of the best basketball in his career during his court issues before being deemed not guilty.

In this scenario, if that hope is taken away from Vybz what does this mean for the music? Will he continue to make inspired dancehall tunes for his fans? Who knows, it could make for better music or a different style? Kartel did promise that if his appeal was rejected he would take his plight higher in his fight for freedom.

To have been incarcerated for such a long period of time and still be the number one dancehall artist is testament to the talent of the ‘WorldBoss’.

Produced by Drop Top Records ‘Dave Rave’ reflects the ultimate dancehall party, high in energy littered with beautiful women strutting their stuff.

Vybz recently dropped another video recently. Not necessarily a party jam, the song has the Kartel signature with a gritty undertone to it. ‘Badmind’ produced by Shabdon Records, sheds light on the ‘badmun’ culture with Jamaican youth.

Fingers crossed for the Worl’Boss. Lets hope it all works out.

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