2023 Top/Best 100 Dancehall Riddims DJ Pack


Top 100 Dancehall Riddims of 2023 (in alphabetical order):

  1. 1 Badness Riddim by Deki Records
  2. 1 Rifle Riddim by Ineffable Records
  3. Airbourne Riddim by Sam Diggy Music
  4. Alta Mora Riddim by Music House Entertainment
  5. Ant’s Nest Riddim by Johnny Wonder
  6. Atrium Riddim by Fullchaarge Records
  7. Back To The Future Riddim by Dj Smurf Music
  8. Big Bunx Riddim by Zimi Records
  9. Big Whip Riddim by IMP Records
  10. Blue Moon Day Riddim by Awesome Sound Records
  11. Boom Riddim by High Sound Productions
  12. Border P.O Riddim by Crawba Productions
  13. Boss Like Ross Riddim by Krazy Gyal
  14. Bududum Riddim by Slyda Di Wizard Music
  15. Busta Rhymes Riddim by 2023 Remixes
  16. Buzzer Riddim by Killa Imij Records
  17. Cherry Pineapple Riddim by Yardstyle Entertainment
  18. Cold Street Riddim by Branchy Records
  19. Dancehall Venom Riddim by Pantason Music Production
  20. Dancehall World Riddim by Maximum Sound
  21. Don Dadda Riddim by Dubz Music Records
  22. Drop It Riddim by John John Records
  23. Drop Shoulder Riddim by 2cuz Production and Aromatic Tracks
  24. Drum On Fire Riddim by Riddim World Records
  25. Edgewater Riddim by 10Outta10 Music
  26. Emotion Riddim by Shark3Y Muzik
  27. Fantasy Island Riddim by Garrison Entertainment
  28. Four Four Riddim by Zinc House Records
  29. Fresh From Birth Riddim by If Enterainment
  30. Full Up Riddim by King Toppa
  31. Gentle Reminder Riddim by Riddim World Records
  32. Ghetto Danger Riddim by Real Squad Records
  33. Ghost Pepper Riddim by Upsetta Records
  34. Ginger Riddim by Silly Walks Discotheque
  35. Glock Riddim by Ireland Records
  36. Green Card Riddim by Kkn Music
  37. Hard Wire Riddim by New League Music
  38. Heart A Gold Riddim by Samiranks Music
  39. High Profile Riddim by Highest Audio Productions
  40. Inna Dem Head Riddim by Romeich Entertainment
  41. Jam’s Strength Riddim by Jamberchem Empire Music
  42. King Jesus Riddim by DJ Shunz
  43. Kreamer Riddim by Digital Productionz
  44. Legend Riddim Compilation – Collect Di Bred Entertainment
  45. Lightning And Thunder Riddim by Front Yaad
  46. Lights Out Riddim by Brilli Productions
  47. Lion Pride Riddim by Black State
  48. Love Riddim by Stadic Records
  49. Machine Riddim by DJ.Frodo
  50. Media Dolly Riddim by Penthouse Records
  51. Metadata Riddim by Levels To Life Productions
  52. Middle Day Riddim by Ireland Records
  53. Money 2 Burn Riddim by Willy Inthemix
  54. Monkey Shoulder Riddim by Train Line Records
  55. My Way Riddim by Wall Street Records
  56. Night Crawler Riddim Reloaded – Shines Production
  57. No Caps Riddim by Syn Citi Entertainment
  58. Now Vision Riddim by Bell 44 Production
  59. Nuh Story Riddim by One Motion Records
  60. Old Past Riddim by Voice Of Truth Records
  61. On Stage Riddim by JB Production
  62. Out Of Nothing Riddim by Outta Nothing Production
  63. Pain Me Riddim by Deano Deann
  64. Pan Belly Riddim by H2O Records
  65. Pass Mi Di Fyah Riddim by Stampa Productions
  66. Pied Piper Riddim by H2O Records
  67. Pleasure Tyme Riddim by Troyton Music
  68. Pretty Bitxh Riddim by Skitta Music
  69. Rachyda Riddim by Shines Production
  70. Raving Hard Riddim Vol.1 – Three Lake Music
  71. Real Thing Riddim by Ski Level’z Entertainment
  72. Regenerate Riddim by Adibeats/Ilandnation Entretainment
  73. Regenerate Riddim by Starzplus Productions
  74. Rifle Behaviour Riddim by Lenkey Records
  75. Ruff Road Riddim by Saintkings Music
  76. Rvssian Roulette Riddim by Northcoast Ambassadors Entertainment
  77. Sail Out Riddim by JA Productions
  78. Same Story Riddim by Warriors Musick Production
  79. Sin Riddim by Dynasty Global
  80. Slow Motion Riddim by Madhouse Records
  81. Sour Drip Riddim by Timaz Recordz
  82. Stray Dawg Riddim by Troyton Music
  83. Street Fathers Riddim by A Dem?Litrik X Dj?Tecniks
  84. Street Heat Riddim by King I-Vier Music and Loud City
  85. Summa Hot Riddim by Dutty Rock Records
  86. The Powerful Riddim by Monsta Entertainment
  87. Things and Time Riddim by Pandemic Records
  88. Top Chopa Riddim by Versii Don Records
  89. Trust Talk Riddim by Dreamension Music
  90. Truth Riddim by Sipo Records
  91. Unsolved Mystery Riddim Revisited – Jah T Jr
  92. Vice City Riddim by Mountainside Music
  93. Video Me Riddim by ICI Promotion
  94. Vise Grip Riddim by Dialtone Production
  95. White Dove Riddim by Lockecity Music Group
  96. Wildfire Riddim by Stingray Records
  97. World News Riddim by Notnice Records
  98. Worthwhile Riddim by Bossy Records
  99. Zesser Riddim by Countree Hype
  100. Zone Side Riddim by Simpac Music




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