Desbert Johnson. born on 20 June 1973 in St Anne’s Bay, Jamaica is a  dancehall and roots reggae artist. He began playing as a DJ and sang a lot in local hangout areas after completing his studies. He moved to Kingston and recorded his debut album, Harvest Time in 2002, under the Xterminator Production owned by producer Phillip Burell. Amongst the hit singles were “Breakfree” and “Can’t Hear Must Feel.” Hugh Miller produced the debut hit track, “Leave De Trees” which made its way to the top on BBC Top 10 dancehall chart. He showcased his musical abilities at many events such as Dancehall Jam Jam, Magnum Sting and Bob Marley, just to name a few. The Jamaica Federation of Music and Affiliated Artiste awarded him the best new artiste. Things got even better in 2007 when Greensleeves distributed his album Inna Di Road, produced by Bobby Konders. Chezidek has stamped his mark in the music industry as a whole with as many as a minimum of 10 albums including Herbalist in 2009 and in 2013, it was The Order Of Melchezedik. He made a good number of music videos for popular songs like “Journey” in 2017, “Go At It” in 2018, and several in 2019. “Because I’m Black” was shot just in time for the release to commemorate Black History Month in February 2020. There is definitely still more to come from talented Chezidek.