Konshens And Wife Latoya


Konshens And Wife Latoya

A few weeks back Konshens’s wife Latoya Wright took to social media declaring that she had split up with husband Konshens. Latoya went on to imply that the couple were now officially single and that if Konshens was spotted doing single man stuff it was okay. She was quoted on instagram saying,

“So whatever @konshens does with his life has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

“I’m not into advertising my personal life online. BUT I need everyone to know this so if and when he starts with the “single man acts” then y’ all know he really IS single and it’s OK for him to act however he pleases. This post is not coming from any place of anger!! Still love…. always!”

Just for the record Latoya, you are advertising your personal life online.

Following this public breakup Konshens went onto release his 4th studio album Badman Vs Nice Guy. Currently the album has received good reviews and doing the rounds on the airwaves.

What puzzles me now is five weeks on from this public breakup and album release the pair seem to be back together again. Or maybe I am jumping to conclusions? The couple uploaded an amorous clip of themselves on Instagram. Social media is now lit with suggestions that the pair have rekindled their relationship and that they are back together again.

What is really going on? Was the breakup just a publicity stunt? Is this recent upload the publicity stunt? I smell a rat. Something is not adding up.

Why would you, unprovoked, take to social media to declare your breakup then you’re suddenly you’re all lovey-dovey again five weeks on? I understand people breakup and make up all the time but this just feels fishy. Or maybe i’m reading too much into it?

Either way time will tell happens with Garfield and Latoya. I only wish for their happiness along with their son Liam. I just encourage the pair to take their fans seriously. We understand you want to sell records and be popular but the dubious back and forth may come off as a tad bit childish.


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