Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Three Kings Riddim (Zim-Dancehall) – Sunshine Family

three kings riddim (zim-dancehall) - sunshine family



  1. Mamero (feat. Samela Set Peace)
  2. We Ah Di Major (feat. Alex Mugo)
  3. Ngoma Ndobata (feat. Black Warrior)
  4. Unonyara (feat. Bling G)
  5. Mwari Wangu (feat. Buju Bruce)
  6. Ngazvitambe Zvega (feat. Celscius)
  7. Corrupt System (feat. Conquerer Emanuel I)
  8. Zvinoita (feat. Da Ruler)
  9. Havandi Farire (feat. Da Vincho)
  10. Ndiri Kushanda (feat. Fire L)
  11. Dairai (feat. Freeman)
  12. Wakandirwadzisa (feat. Gree Gree)
  13. Ghetto Yut (feat. Itana)
  14. Akanaka (feat. Itek)
  15. Handicha Batika (feat. Jah Ceda)
  16. Ndomazunza (feat. Jerry B)
  17. Ngoma Nembira (feat. Jerry B)
  18. Type Yechigero (feat. Jojola)
  19. Nherera (feat. Jonex)
  20. Zvima Ngoma (feat. Kabhidha)
  21. Chipo Chavakandipa (feat. Kemikal)
  22. Godo (feat. Kemikal)
  23. Tinoita Tega (feat. Killer T)
  24. Ungadai Uriwe (feat. Kinnah)
  25. My Wish (feat. Mad Spark)
  26. Vaita Stark (feat. Maffcat & Jerryman)
  27. Tonight (feat. Mafitan Crew)
  28. Itayaunoita (feat. Maggikal)
  29. Last Number (feat. Maggikal)

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