Winston Foster was born in 1956 in Negril, Jamaica. He was abandoned by his parents and he grew up in the Maxfield Children’s Home and the Catholic Orphanage Alpha Boys School in Kingston. Foster was a target for abuse because of his albinism and he used to find solace in music. His earliest influences were from popular DJs such as DJ U-Roy. His first job was at Gemini Sound System as a substitute DJ. Foster named himself Yellowman and he would dress in a yellow suit. In 1979, Foster won the Tastee Talent Contest and he became one of Jamaica’s top concert draws. He recorded a lot of singles throughout the 1980s and at one point flooded the Jamaican market with more than 40 singles. He released his debut album in 1981 and the album was titled “Them A Mad Over Me” and was recorded for Channel One. The album featured the hit track, “Me Kill Barnie”. Some of his popular singles were “Operation Eradication” and “Shorties”. Foster collaborated with dancehall producer ‘Henry Lawes’ and in 1982 they released the LP “Mr Yellowman” which was a success. It is acclaimed as his best album till date. His collaboration with Henry Lawes also saw the release of singles like “Yellowman Getting Married”, “Who Can Make The Dance Ram”, “Mr Chin”, “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng”, Soldier Take Over” and many others. After 1983’s After 1983’s Zungguzungguguzungguzeng album, he signed a major deal with CBS Records. Foster released other albums such as “Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt”, “Galong Galong Galong”, “Going To The Chapel” and “Don’t Burn It Down”.

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