Greg Rose, born on 26 March 1980 in Bamboo, Jamaica, is a reggae-dancehall artist. In his family were 4 children and he was the 3rd born. In Bamboo was a sound system called Trend Setter where Rose was a DJ. “Lock Me Up” was his 1st song in 2004, though it didn’t do so well. The track that brought forth his big break was in 2005 titled “Hand Cart Bwoy.” Giddimani made his debut album in 2006 released by DHF Records followed by Born Dead With Life released in 2008 by an Austrian record label, Irie Vibrations. Apart from founding his own record label, Giddimani Records, in the same year 2009, he had 2 new albums released titled French Connection and Karma were done by Irie vibrations together with Tiger Records and Chalice Palace Music respectively. Between 2011-2016, he made 5 more albums. In 2017, He featured on Young Shanty’s EP which was produced by Giddimani Records.  Live My Life Again is a fifteen track album which was released by Giddimani Records in July 2017 as his 11th album. The album appeared on the Billboard charts twice that same year. Proof of his exceptional gifting in music is evident as he recorded at least 90 singles between the years 2000-2020. Rose has done some good music videos including “World Boss Selassie” released in 2017 and moreover he has done some in 2018. Currently, he has done “My God Is Great” with the Grudgeful riddim in 2020. We will keep looking out for this superstar to release more songs as is the norm.

Music Releases - Perfect Giddimani

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