Jerome Young, also known as 3Star is originally from Maxfield Avenue corridor in Kingston. He was raised in Portmore and he attended Holmwood Technical High School and Portmore Heart Trust which is where he obtained a certificate in electric and gas welding. This is the time he found his passion and zeal for music. He migrated to Brookyn, United States in 1997 and he attended Job Corps (a training institution) and here he played soccer exceptionally that he was granted a scholarship to attend Genesee College. It was during this period that he met Ray Leng aka JR and instantly that love he had for music was ignited. The two experimented in combining both the hip hop an reggae genres.

3Star joined the US army when he finished college and he was deployed to Iraq in March 2004. He became acquinted to Andre Chuck aka Chuck Star who encouraged Jerome to persue his passion for music . This led him to get together with some of his fellow comrades and they came up with his first project. 3Star recorded his first album Out Of Many People while he was in combat.

After Iraq, Jerome went to Afghanistan on a private mission and whilst he was in combat, he completed his next album Nothing but Real Talk which he later produced in Jamaica. He completed three albums in 10 years with the third one being Student Of Light.