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Zimbabwe’s Best Modern Reggae Dancehall Riddim Producer 2019

Big League Music
Genius Mintol – Big League Music

In terms of modern dancehall music, there is a hidden gem in Zimbabwe. And that gem is Big League Music. As an avid riddims collector and promoter for nearly two decades, having worked with local big players, I can safely say, Big League Music Zimbabwe ranks at the top in the riddim productions line. Taking nothing away from other local producers, Big League is and has been head and shoulders above them.

When baking a cake, you initially acquire and set up all your ingredients and utensils for the task at hand. Following a prescribed procedure, if you’re experienced enough you should come out with something good and delicious. In relation to dancehall music, time spent in a riddim’s production has a major influence. The level of detail and precision in creating a rhythm by way of following a recipe or coming up with your own affects its overall quality, with all it’s intricate instruments. This is what distinguishes modern dancehall riddims from the rest. No disrespect to ZimDancehall, but it mainly comprises a hastily-made monotonous tune on repeat. It sure gets your Jacks and Jills jumping up and down goose-stepping, but not for long.

The quality of ZimDancehall riddims presently being churned out is poor. There is a need for change – producers need to quit baking simple scones. Quality riddims are “timeless” and the ones being produced now are “bubble-gum”. Big League Music hailing out of Zimbabwe is making timeless, quality modern dancehall and reggae riddims, including Afro-beats and RnB sounds. This is without bias.

Genius Mintol is the founder and producer at Big League Music. Born in Zimbabwe, he started his professional music career with Weedy G Soundforce and is well known for producing the Kazz hit single “Kudana” in 2017. He has worked with artists such as Sizzla, Spice, Gangoolie, Roberto, Ice Prince, Mr. Diamond, Kalibwoy, Kim Kelly, Curtisay, Fabian Vendetta, Nevaramo, Stickie Productions, just to name a few.
In 2016, he received the Fastest Rising Young Producer Award under the ZIMURA Music Awards. In the Jamaican Star Newspaper, he was named under the Most Versatile Producers in Zimbabwe. In 2019 so far, he has released ear-catching unique dancehall riddims and singles that are on the international radar. His ability to attract top dancehall artists in the industry makes him one of the hottest dancehall producers in our current time.

To get you the reader in line with the quality I am speaking of, take some time to see his productions. A list of some of his riddims include, in order of most to least recent (click to view) Ecstatic Riddim, Tropical Blaze Riddim, Second Lesson Riddim, Dancehall Foreva Riddim, Lovey Dovey Riddim and Live To Love Riddim.

Watch out for Glide Riddim coming this August! Check out sample preview below:

[videopress 5k7d1jpv]


Riddims World top pick recent video:

Mr. Diamond x JazzLDN - We Nuh See Dem (Remix)

Jah bless!


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