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Yanique Curvy Diva took it too far in her latest performance at a Gay Pride event.

It’s one thing for a male performing artist to take off his shirt on stage to create a buzz with the audience. The effect is definitely not the same if a female artist was to do the same. Janet Jackson got a lot of flak in 2004 when she had a wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl when Justin Timberlake accidentally revealed her right breast on stage.

That being said, Yanique’s onstage stunt was more distasteful than showing off too much skin. What she did should certainly leave you disconcerted unless you are some kind of sexual pervert. Miss Yanique Curvy Diva Barrett decided to remove her underwear during her performance, addressing backlash she received from Foota Hype. She then went on to post the video clip on her instagram.

Not only is this act distasteful, it’s also disgusting“.Some fan wrote What bewilders me is that according to her, the panty removal was planned by her team. Really? People actually sat down at a meeting and agreed that removing her sweaty underwear on stage was in her best interests? I wonder how that meeting went.  That is the stuff of strip clubs. Don’t you need a license to do that? She went on to justify herself saying she had another pair for later. “The song say ‘she nah wear underwear’ so it was all in the name of fun and entertainment. I don’t understand the blow-up but it’s fine, we expect it.” She said

I don’t know if I am more shocked by the act itself or her justification. If it was in the spur of the moment then fine, people can let it slide. Or had this happened in a strip club. People tip for that. But you didn’t even get a dollar bill! Makes you wonder about her upbringing and the company she keeps.

Yanique its entertainment, everyone knows that. But now the world thinks you’re disgusting. Please respect your fans but most importantly respect yourself. You should exercise more class given that you’re a mother and also a TV host. This cannot be what Jamaican dancehall culture is all about.

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