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Wisdom From Luciano In Computerize

Luciano Computerize 1

After a heavy binge of dancehall, hearing about who has more money and seeing scantily dressed women, a dose of Luciano will bring you back to earth.

Luciano recently dropped the visuals for his latest single ‘Computerize‘. Produced by P Magic Records, the visuals show just how much our day to day schedules are influenced by computers and technology. Luciano addressed the current situation regarding global-surveillance and possible implications.

Jepther McClymont OD popularly known as Luciano, is a Jamaican roots reggae artist with 21 studio albums spanning from 1993. He is best known for hit songs such as ‘Its Me Again Jah‘, ‘Stay Away‘, ‘Where There is Life‘ and ‘Africa Unite‘.

Known for singing poignant deep roots reggae music Luciano demonstrates it once more in his latest jam. Luciano sings;
“Babylon get computerized,
Them have we under surveillance day and night, (day and night)
And them a watch you with Bionic eyes (dem a watch)
And a scope out your life on Satellite (weh dem a do lord)”
Verse 1
“When you think that you are free,
your whole life is on tv,
In this modern society,
I say we have no privacy,
All they have to do is Google,
And they see everything you do,
Even what you do in your room,
As you quint it’s on YouTube.”

It’s a refreshing take on life and makes you wonder. It’s just about being very careful what you get up to online and also being well aware of what you do consume.

I will take these few words of wisdom from this reggae legend anyday. With Luciano speaking from the heart, do give this track a chance. Second generation Luciano sings without the heavy handed patois english so understanding him is not an issue. A definite must listen for reggae lovers. Luciano rolls back the years remaining relevant to this day. A true legend. Bless.

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