who is the ‘real mckoy’?


who is the ‘real mckoy’?

Just a week ago I almost couldn’t recognise Mavado as he features in a glitzy pop song with Melxdie, a rising pop-star from Toronto. ‘THE GIRLS R BETTER’ video has the “Gangster for Life” deejay from Cassava Piece, Jamaica, orchestrating diamond heists in an unknown location in The States. Not only did the song title throw me, but listening to him rap over a pop beat just didn’t feel like ‘The Real Mckoy’ artist from 2004.

Not that there is anything amiss with delving onto the pop scene, or that guys are any better, but, these real changes are going to have an effect in perception in relation to the whole gangster personae. I think we can all agree that it’s clearly out the window now. Or it has taken a huge knock at least.

On the other hand so what? What did we expect? He was never going to be the budmun Mavado of old, who used to go toe to toe with the Gaza Boss and get arrested by the police with various charges. The guy who was assumed the Gully Ghad (God) title at the turn of the millennia is now refined and is staying out of trouble. Now based in The United States full time, it has definitely been a serious game changer in terms of his sound.

He put all my negative feelings and assumptions to bed in his latest song ‘Keep Going Up’ on AMG Riddim.

“Like a eagle in the sky..focus
How mi sound?
Jah watch over mi
All dem a fight and a gwaan
Man nah give up”

Those are the opening lines to the inspirational track which I think is arguably his track of 2019’s summer.

It’s a classic Mavado tune which laments the fact that he is still a boss. Yes, boss! Not necessarily the gangster from Kingston of old, but still a heavy player in the dancehall genre. The sky is the limit for Vado. Who knows maybe we might see him on the big screen. At this rate anything is possible from him. Make your money Mr Brooks and if also making pop reggae tracks helps grow the brand you may as well give it a crack, as long as you keep dropping tracks like ‘Keep Going Up’ which keep the oldskul fans believing.

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