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Following the release of Hoodcelebritty’s video for ‘Bum Pon It‘, the American based dancehall star dropped her latest single ‘Show Me’.

Most female dancehall singers have the same style of being very explicit and raunchy in their songs. They normally come from the female perspective in their descriptions and give you a rather detailed description of what they want or crave. If it’s not about sex it is normally about the female perspective of things. This is not the same when you listen to Hoodcelebrityy’s songs, more importantly her latest jam ‘Show Me‘. The deejay sings;

“I like me a home body
A chick that she don’t talk she don’t know nobody, yea yea yea
Whine it up slow on me
Back it up slide it down the pole for me, yea yea
She gone suck the soul out me
An she know her role she get low when the bros round me, hmmhmm
It’s not like I don’t want you
But these niggas an’ these bitches all on me
Them see me want you so them get bad mind
I never let you go
You been on my mind for a very long time
I gotta let you know”

These lyrics make you wonder. Is Hoodcelebrityy gay, straight or bisexual? It’s a bit challenging when trying to interpret her lyrics as you cant understand from whose perspective they are coming from. A bit of clarity will go a long way as it’s not a problem if she is gay or not.

Judging from gritty tracks like ‘Takeover’ one would assume she is a lesbian. However, it could just be a hardcore personae seeing as she was a big fan of 50 Cent growing up.

Either way ‘Show Me’ is a cool jam that doesn’t disappoint. The rise of the ‘Walking Trophy’ deejay continues and we look forward to more.

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