Friday, March 24, 2023

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Weekend Greens By Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage 1

Reggae royalty Morgan Heritage just dropped their latest track on Youtube, ‘Weekend Greens’ featuring Iration and Pepper.

When they talk about ‘greens’ they are not talking about money but marijuana. After a long week working for the man, people have different ways to de-stress. Some turn to booze, some spend their time on the golf course. There is no set formula as we are all different and Morgan Heritage explain about their vice in marijuana.

Morgan Heritage - Weekend Greens (Official Video) ft. Iration, Pepper

It’s not your usual Morgan Heritage song where they sing uplifting and conscious songs. Not that the greens are not uplifting because I can testify to have been taken to great heights before, but it’s not the same kind of uplifting. Iration and Pepper add their touch and help make a refreshing carefree jam for the weekend. Without too many frills the track is sure to put reggae lovers in the right state of mind.

In a perfect world you’re better off dealing with these said greens over the weekend as chances of unruly or violent behavior are less common, and your Sunday is hangover free.

The track features on their latest album ‘Loyalty’. Some fans have been critical of the song saying that the track is not the usual roots reggae they have grown to love from the group. As they say in the track it’s all about being “mellow like a cello” and it does go down if you give it a chance. Yes its not your usual song but what’s wrong with a bit of variety if they can still pull it off? Haters need these greens more than anyone else actually.

Be sure to look out for Weekend Greens as the weekend approaches. Pun Intended.  It’s on a lighter note and will set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Not trying to promote the stuff as it basically sells itself but Morgan Heritage I understand.


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