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Vybz Kartel To Drop New Album Dons and Divas

Vybz New Album

You can knock a man down countless times but just know the resilient ones will keep getting back up. Case in point Vybz Kartel. Following his murder conviction appeal failure Vybz has announced that he will be releasing a fresh album in June. The album titled Dons & Divas will feature 14 tracks and will be the Teacher’s second album this year. Kartel released an emotional album, To Tanesha, in January and ups the ante for his fans.

What was supposed to be a celebratory album in my opinion is sure to be a memorable one. It features dancehall heavy weights including Spice, Squash, Teejay, and his two sons Likkle Addi and Likkle Vybz.

After such a long wait for the court to make a decision Vybz Kartel’s emotions must be all over the place. No doubt he has a lot to say and a fresh album may do the trick. Vybz has been very active on social media since the decision was made last Friday. He went as far as attacking the Jamaican Star for reporting fake news about his former Havendale property. The article outlined how the property had become an eyesore and was a haven for crackheads and sexual escapades. It read,

“The Havendale property which was once the official base for entertainer Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer during his heyday as producer, artiste manager, and deejay, is now a filthy, smelly, overgrown dump.”

Kartel hit back on social media stating he sold it years ago saying,

“@thejamaicastar Lemme ask you this. Do you just take random people off the streets and turn them into reporters? Because real journalism would have led a professional reporter to find out if i in fact still own the property…(which i dont, it was sold ) . Im not totally surprised as you have in the past, done similiar unprofessional “tabloidish” #articles. Da reporter de brain smaller dan subatomic #particles . Mi love mek di news still so big big up #thejamaicastar …. Am Out!”

Either way, at least we can look forward to June 2020. The Worl’Boss has a lot on his mind and am sure he is going to treat us with a banger of an album.

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