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Throwback Thursday – Buy Out Riddim

Buy Out Riddim

Throwback Thursday this week takes us back to 2001.

2001 was the year of the September 11 terrorist attacks on The Twin Towers of The World Trade Centre in New York and Pentagon in Washington DC. The attack had two high jacked planes fly into the towers and a third crashing into the Pentagon leaving at least 3200 dead or missing.

On the violent note. 2001 was also the year Jamaican Prime Minister Patterson ordered the deployment of the army across the island to restore peace following 3 days of violence. This followed a police crackdown in Tivoli Gardens, which had been necessitated due to two months of gang fighting leaving 37 people dead on the island.

The year ended on a high note with Buy Out Riddim. Tony Kelly produced the rhythm which was released on December 4. It featured Sean Paul’s ‘Like Glue’ which then peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 later in 2003. The distinct buzzing tune makes the riddim unique and that sound has stood the test of time. Elan’s version has the famous UB40 chorus of Red Red Wine which evokes a lot of old school memories.

True dancehall fans will definitely remember ‘Nuttin Nuh Go So’ from Notch. The track has the same effect on revellers in dancehall clubs to this day. My pick on the riddim which is on the same level as ‘Like Glue’ and the aforementioned is for a second week running TOK with ‘Money To Burn’. It seems like there may be a lot of TOK bias, but the group delivered on this one yet again with what became a Friday anthem. The opening verses set the tone for the track. I am sure you can understand where I am coming from.

“Just got paid
And I got a little money to burn
I gotta get laid
Gotta find me a sexy girl”

“So me say, hey, pretty baby
Wanna ask you yuh name
I like the way you groove
I hope you feelin’ da same”

T O K Money To Burn Buy Out Riddim

The riddim also features Mr Easy, Beenie Man, Bud (Sanchez), Sadeki, Tanto Metro, Devonte, Spragga Benz, Voicemail, Gabriel and Twice.

A classic to remember in what was a significant year in history. The riddim has the same effect in clubs today making it timeless, and a must listen to any of you finding your way in the genre.

Buy Out Riddim mix 2001 (Tony CD Kelly Production) mix by djeasy

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