If you’re on the hunt for a fresh burgeoning new talent, look no further than Joshua Meeks stage name Tessellated. The 19 year old Kingston born artist who first caught peoples attention with “Pine and Ginger”, has a fresh dancehall cut called “Freeza”.

“Pine and Ginger” was more of a pop and dancehall production which dropped last summer alongside Amindi K Frost. “Freeza” on the other hand is more of a dancehall dance song that will keep you moving all the way into the weekend. It has prominent reggae artist Shensea and rapper Zac Jone$.

Speaking on the release, Tessellated remarks “I feel like Freeza is a perfect example of genre fusion, smooth jazz-inspired keys contrasted with rhythmic dancehall drum patterns. This is the sound I’ve been striving to achieve & I hope it will resonate with the people who listen.”

The young Tassellated still has a long way to go and we look forward to his future songs and we’ll see how he differentiates himself from the established artists in the industry.

Riddims World