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Spice And Sean Paul Feature On Stylo Gs Dumpling Remix

Stylo G

Following the success of Stylo G’s track ‘Dumpling‘ a few months back, the artist has come out with a remix. The remix features Queen of Dancehall Spice and international reggae superstar Sean Paul.

After making a remix with such heavyweights Stylo G mentioned that he could not pass up the chance to make a video with the pair. The video released on the 28th of Oct 2019 has already accumulated 392k views on Youtube’s streaming platform in 2 days. Upon returning to the UK where he is based, Stylo G flew back to Spanish Town, St Catherine saying that,

“It does not make sense doing a song with artistes of Spice and Sean Paul’s calibre and not have a video to show, so I flew in for the purpose of getting the video done.”


All artists were excited about working on the track following the originals success with Sean saying that,

“It all starts with the rhythm for me, so when I hear a hot tune out there and people want me on a remix it is a no-brainer. The video is important especially for the reason that Jamaica built me. My family and friends enjoy the music and the culture, and, as such, I want to take part in what contributes to the history of it.”

The video captioned ‘Another day in Spanish Town’ shows off the dancehall lifestyle. Twerking, beautiful women, lots of money and fittingly dumplings. Chi Ching Ching makes a cameo appearance alongside Sean, Spice and Stylo G.

This remix is sure to surpass the success of the original. The original garnered about 3.6 million views in 3 months.  So, who knows the levels this remix will get to with the pulling force of Sean Paul and Spice.

Check out the colorful video featuring Stylo G, Sean Paul and Spice below.


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