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Sizzla Spreads The Coronavirus Warning

Sizzla Corona Virus

Last year the Jamaican government launched a campaign to educate its people of monetary and fiscal policy through reggae and dancehall music. It had its success stories as the message was delivered to those who gave it chance.

This time Sizzla Kalonji has taken it upon himself to educate people with regards to the Coronavirus. His latest track called Corona Virus comes off, and get this, from Far East Riddim. The coincidence is uncanny. Sizzla delivered a strong message to those willing to listen and outlined ways to avoid the dreaded respiratory virus. It’s an interesting way to learn and thinking of my Accounting curriculum, I wonder if there is a way I could have learned through this method?

“It was a freestyle recorded to raise awareness. The riddim is not ours, but we like doing music on the old-school rhythms because it is real to our culture,” Sizzla Kalonji told The Star. He went on to say,

“It is a very serious matter so I think for better understanding of public matters more artistes should do a little song highlighting the matter.”

Am not sure if it was his intention to pick Far East Riddim to make the track poignant.

On the other artists tip, do not be fooled by Chronic Law’s Covoid -6ix Freestyle. Its not an awareness track but just another Chronic Law track worth listening to though.

I will reinforce one of Sizzla’s lines in conclusion saying cleanliness is next to godliness. Condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones to this pandemic. Let’s collectively work on finding a solution to this global issue and minimise the death toll. I am sure more Coronavirus related tracks will be released in the foreseeable future. Vybz, Poppy, Koffee?

Check out Sizzla’s freestyle Coronavirus below and spread the word on the deadly Covoid-19.


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