In an attempt to gain relevance once again Sheba has dropped a controversial track in ‘3some’. 3some follows her last hit with Vybz Kartel in 2018 titled ‘Xmas Wish‘ produced by Sky Bad Musiq.

Tasheba Campbell popularly known as Sheba Di Diva, was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.  She was once the first lady of  Gazanation back in the mid 2000s. After success with ‘No Idiot Gal’ on Lost Angel Riddim in 2011 the artist has failed to really kick on in becoming a stalwart in dancehall with other female artists like Ishwana and Spice.

The surprisingly shy artist teams up with Montego-Bay based hitmaker Shabdon Records in 3some. The track has left fans divided as to their opinion on the song. The raunchy track talks about an illicit encounter involving 3 participants. The vivid descriptions in the track has left a lot of men drooling over an encounter they probably have pencilled in on their bucket list. As the title suggests, Sheba talks about having a sexual encounter involving another woman and man.

The track has the thumbs up from most men, and the LGBTQ community but you can understand the backlash from most women against the whole idea of sharing. Comparing her track to other raunchy tracks from artists like Dovey Magnum or Ishawna, Sheba is alone in her preference in sharing her man.

I wonder what the blow back would have been had the track been about an encounter involving two men and a woman.

Sheba is back on the raunchy scene alongside Dovey Magnum and Ishawna. I wonder if they will make a music video. I don’t mean on hating on female dancehall but it seems sex is all they are good at singing about. We get the message loud and clear.

Sheba you have our attention again, what else are you capable of?

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