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Busy Signal Stop Chat

“Real budman nah use Instagram neither Snapchat.” Stop Chat, Busy Signal

You’ve got to love Busy Signal and his classic statements from his many hits over the years. People may disagree with his latest comment mentioned above. However, there is a lot of merit to it. What kind of badass has the time to be posting pictures of himself on Snapchat or Instagram? It’s one thing to stay in touch with friends on Facebook and have an opinion on Twitter. But, posting selfies and stalking people on Insta is something else. Unless its ones job, real men should be out there making things happen that do not involve spending time checking out other peoples’ business. Rather have people follow you around and snap pictures of you.

Busy Signal also had mad success with one of his first hits where he exclaimed that budman nah answer calls where the caller ID is unknown. It makes sense though for security reasons, right?

Stop Chat from Busy is a dope track either way. One thing with Busy is that he talks about real issues that are pertinent and is not always about partying and women. He delivers another deep track with bars for days highlighting his consistency this year. He also has other tracks in circulation worth noting including One Press and Girl Like You.

Speaking about albums, we are yet to hear of when he will be dropping one. With most dancehall heavyweights having dropped albums this year Busy is still missing. He enjoyed success in 2019 with Parts of The Puzzle which included tracks like Stay So and Got To Tell but we still wait for a COVID-19 special.

I will leave you to ponder whether ‘badmun’ use Instagram or Snapchat but don’t be quick to delete your accounts just yet because Busy said so.

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