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Rare Dancehall Ragga History by Riddimz Kalacta; Segment 1

Lloyd Lovindeer – Tight Hold / Me Want Fi Know Why

Featuring on the Bruck Out Riddim version by The Sound Of Jamaica in 1998, this is a hardcore ragga dancehall riddim with some mad, timeless tracks.

It took me a few seconds to grasp the lyrics on most of these so called hardcore ragga tunes. Back in the day they sounded chaotic, a whole lot of ramblings and shouting for no apparent reason. Our parents didn’t condone this type of music. They hated it. My mum being one of them. In 2001 during a school holiday, I played a dancehall ragga tuuuuuune. When it ended, my mum turned to me and asked, “no scientist can listen to this type of music. What is this? Vanhu vari respectable havatereri izvi (respectable people don’t listen to this)” She of cause said it in a very soft and chilled out manner. My mother, always so calm. This music, in our parent’s eyes is HARDCORE, “badman” mentality type of music. No pleasantries and good can come out of it.

As such, ragga dancehall appeared to have just fallen off the radar into the new millennium. By 2004, it had been eaten away by the more urgent needs of the world. Stuff that sells. In came the Sean Pauls and all of them (alla dem). Many producers and artists abandoned that Ragga Dancehall style of music and singing, all too quickly. It left with it, a mass of fallen veterans hidden away whilst the modern, new millennium, world came up and excelled.

When I first heard a single on a ragga dancehall riddim in 1999, I never thought I’d fall in love with the lyrical expressions by the different artists, very coherent and understandable. Comprehensible only if you followed through the lyrics – if you could make them out, independent of the NGOMA (drums) resounding all over the voicing. Just LOUD.

Lloyd Lovindeer was one of my lyrical heroes. Here are two tracks off the Bruck out Riddim version by his very own label Lovindeer Sound Of Jamaica 1998.

He asks QUESTIONS on VERY IMPORTANT TOPICS that affect our present, everyday lives. Take time to listen. If you fall off the track within 20 seconds, it’s not for you. This was 1998 but QUESTIONS STILL HAVE TO BE ANSWERED TODAY…..WHY???…ME HAFFI KNOW WHY???

In the second track on the same riddim below he speaks on the type of girl he wants. His lyrics resonate so much. I for instance ended up with almost the exact type of gyal he speaks of – has self respect, knows self worth, is very intellectual/smart, knows how to have fun, has di wickedest slam, strictly special – hot gal . AAAAAAAAHHHH…this guy laid it out….

Ngoma kutapira.


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